Travis Earth 808 Shiraz



This is the best of the best of my Mataro from old Barossa vines grown in the rich red soils of the northern Barossa in wet cold winters and hot dry summers producing concentration rarely found anywhere in the world.

Mataro is an underestimated grape that defies a standard recipe and must be closely cared for to let it be its best.

This wine spends extra time in new French oak until it’s in unison. This ensures the wine is multidimensional, soft and slippery.

It is complex, full of flavour, spice, earth and red fruits. As a winemaker, it always keeps you on your toes.

One year it comes out with muscle and gusto; the next year it has the finesse of a great dancer.

This is why I love Mataro.

 My obsession is to make  Mataro dance with gusto.

Travis Earth